About Us

Camilleri Holdings Ltd is the holding company of the Camilleri Group of Companies. The Group is family run and solely owned by the four brothers who are all directors of the Group. The Directors are the fourth generation of the Camilleri family.

The fifth generation is also very active in the business, holding management positions in the various business sectors. The Camilleri Group operates in three main divisions: ConfectioneryCatering and Retail.

The Group bases its global strategy on expansion and innovation.This is further enhanced by continual investment in both the business and its people, the latter considered one of the Group’s major assets.

The Camilleri’s have a sound work ethic based on integrity, honesty and dedication. This is reflected in its low turn over of staff. The work environment is dynamic yet composed and creativity, problem solving and autonomy are encouraged.

Mission Statement

We continuously strive to maintain and increase our efforts in offering an unparalleled service with top quality products at competitive prices to all our valued customers.

We strongly believe in achieving a clear understanding of the personal needs of our customers and also our employees and to respond to those needs in order to continually provide the highest standards possible.

Our organisation has been evolving over the years and we deem it necessary that the Group should continue to seek new opportunities and be dextrous in adapting to market changes. This is the core of our corporate strategy.